The Future of Medicine

Eye ExamThe future of medicine lies in treating the symptom and looking at its causes, so the symptoms do not return. Through proper education and recommendation, individuals should be able to choose from a complete spectrum of treatments, which consider the human and its environment as an inseparable system of interactions.

A real major step in medicine will be seen when we as individuals accept responsibility for what we can do for ourselves, realizing that any form of disease is evidence of some malfunction and a direct challenge into seeking a cause.

Health professionals should promote regular checkups, correct eating habits and therapies to maintain optimum health. People should be made aware that looking after one’s health is like maintaining a car at its optimum performance, it must be done with regular service and maintenance.

Northrup (1998) states that health can be created by first making a commitment to the process of creating health and secondly admitting that healing is necessary and opening yourself up to new information that is necessary. Creating health means accepting that there exist events in life that cannot be explained or changed and one has conscious input into our health via the decisions we make in the areas of our lifestyles.

The key to all healing is acknowledging, feeling, and then releasing rage, guilt, loss, anger and grief. The shift that one needs to make is in your thinking about how one is connected the whole universe, our minds, our spirits, our bodies and our relationships.


Northrup, C. (1998). Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing. New York, NY: Bantam Books.

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