Guided Relaxation and your Self Esteem

Self-esteem plays a very important role in our lives. If we don’t feel good, about whom we are it can make our health diminish making us sick. Stress can play a major role in why our self-esteem is not in the positive mood. Self-esteem has a lot to do with our healing, physical, emotional, or spiritual process. If our stress level is up and taking over our lives than our self-esteem is going to be low and that isn’t good.

If we are thinking negative thoughts, our self-esteem causes the stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, and even poor relationships in our lives. There are many things that stress can be caused from low self-esteem but if we don’t feel good about ourselves, it can cause stress. Our sleeping habits will not be good and no relaxation is good for our health. We all need our sleep in order to handle the everyday stress in our lives that are making our self-esteem low.

We all need to learn to keep the stress down and our self-esteem up to keep us happy and healthy. We need to think positive and it will help to motivate us to live our life in a positive way.

Self-esteem is about how we think and our thoughts about ourselves. If we’re stress and letting it, take over our lives, we aren’t going to think very much of whom we are. Think about how you can make changes in your life to relieve stress and bring up your self-esteem up to make life enjoyable.

It’s takes practice and learning skills to relieve that ugly stress, we have going on inside of us. There is no way we can get rid of all the stress because some is not always controllable but you can make the changes to the ones we have control of. Making changes are not always easy for everyone and we have to some searching to find the right way to go. Once we can relieve some of the stress and the self-esteem rises, we’ll be able to find relaxation that we are all looking for at times.

Relaxation is not something we learn to do overnight and it takes practice. To start with, research on the topic learning process and check the Internet for videos, CD’s, MP3’s and books. You can even download some of these onto you PC in the comfort of your own home. The library and wherever videos and CD’s are sold should have something to get you started.

Vipassana MeditationMeditation is a good way to learn how to relax, relieve stress and than here, the self-esteem will start getting better as well. CD’s are good to learn the meditation from because they can go with you wherever you want to go and relax. While listening to these CD’s that are playing low soft relaxing music or someone talking very low you can imagine your somewhere far away.

Laying down somewhere away from all the noise and confusion where you can be comfortable.

Don’t cross your limbs. Allow the body to lie straight in harmony with the spine while you listen to music. Remember to breathe slow in and out and let your mind drift. The CD will help you practice and teach you how to relax.

Eventually you’ll look forward to taking 30 minutes of the day for yourself to practice meditation. Relaxation will come as your stress level drops and you begin to feel better about yourself. Mediation will help you release that stress, relax, get your self-esteem up, you’ll sleep better and be more motivated each day. Channeling guided relaxation is a great starting point.

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