Grim Economic Prospects for 2012: Social Upheaval, Bank Defaults and Financial Chaos

Source: Global Research

The game goes on, as German leadership tells us the euro is stable, even as it hits yearly lows. We are told the problem is a crisis in several member states. That may be true, but they all are inseparable. The reassurance from politicians and bankers to calm the market place is beginning to fall on deaf ears. No matter what the cause of the debt crisis it exists and leadership as yet cannot find a solution. Even short-term solutions, such as the use of the EFSF are not going to work. All they will do is gain time. In that process, what happens if France’s credit rating is cut one or two levels? How can France then continue to participate?

The present French government has buried the government in losing investments, which we believe in June will force the electorate to choose the Front National to solve national problems. The public, as in most other countries are sick and tired of lies and incompetence from politicians, bankers and bureaucrats possessed with the creation of world government. At this point confidence in the euro is hanging by a thread and Europe’s leadership doesn’t know how to solve the problem. We have seen such crises of confidence often over the past 15 years. It is not unique, but the size of the euro zone is compelling, because the crisis touches so many people. Currency is the vehicle to bring about a solution, but if confidence is lost the currency cannot perform part of its role as monetization continues unabated, confidence continues to fall and inflation as a result flourishes.

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