The Benefits of Meditation & Relaxation

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Meditation, relaxation and holistic living have become the latest fashion in recent years, with more and more people searching for an alternative to the frantic pace of modern life. However, many people don’t consider the barriers modern society presents to meditation. Even seasoned meditation practitioners can lose focus in the speed-crazed, mindset of modern life. Meditation encourages a strong self awareness and a healthy mind-body connection. Today’s culture seems to operate on a completely different system.

The modern world is addicted to activity, accumulation of material wealth, and ‘the more the better’ mentality. Because of this, many people remain chained to distractions and cannot tap into their body’s natural potential to break free.

Stress is created when the mind is not doing what the body is. If you are doing bills and your mind is wandering from picking up the kids and making dinner to finishing up at work, that creates stress. But if your mind is focused on what your body is doing, then there is no stress. This is a fundamental meditation relaxation technique.

Most meditation techniques assume the mind-body already exists. This works well in a mountain monastery, but can be difficult to achieve with the hectic pace of modern lifestyle. A more basic gateway into that mind-body connection is needed.

A transition from the modern world into meditation should tap into the senses. You’re trying to strengthen the bond and focus your attention on multiple levels. Look for ways to utilize textures that interest you, sounds that soothe you, and scents that enhance your focus.

Experiment with simple, easy motions to relax your body and to prepare yourself for meditation. Motion can focus the mind and help you break away from the whirlwind of thoughts generated each day. Think of running your hands through a river, or through a fountain if you have one available. Play with smooth stones, or make shapes of clay or sand. Flip a smooth stick of wood or roll it back and forth between your hands.

Once you’ve disconnected from the modern world, you can truly take advantage of your meditation time. A more centered, aware state of being will allow you to delve deeper into your inner self. You might be surprised at what you can see with eyes unclouded.

Once thought of as a ritual performed by men who shaved their heads, wore long robes and lived in mountain caves, this mind quieting, stress relieving natural self-healing practice is becoming so commonplace that corporations such as Deutsche Bank, Google and Hughes Aircraft recognize the intuitive powers of it and offer meditation classes to their employees.

Having the ability to quiet one’s mind and retreat to a thought-free state of calmness opens the connection to higher intelligence and greatly enhances problem-solving abilities. In addition, with practice and coaching you can develop the ability to ask pointed questions and receive answers to them through this same dynamic channel.

The number of miracles born out of a regular practice of meditation are untold. From losing weight and quitting smoking, to manifesting more money and physical items, to rebuilding relationships and curing terminal diseases, millions of accounts of miracles just like these are attributed to meditation.

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