The Best “Drug” for Slashing Your Risk of Cancer?

Source: Mercola

Research in the UK suggests that the number of new cancer cases could rise 45 percent by 2030.

Cancer Research UK, which funded the study, says that the National Health Service must act immediately to avoid being “overwhelmed”.

The research looked at 23 different types of cancer, and found an expected cancer increase of 55 percent for men and 35 percent for women.

BBC News reports:

“The rate of breast cancer is projected to fall by 7 percent.

The authors attribute this to a recent reduction in the use of hormone replacement therapy, which is a risk factor for the disease.

However the rates of malignant melanoma and kidney cancer are forecast to rise sharply in men and women.”

The primary reason for the rise in cancer cases is attributed to population growth in the UK and an increased ageing population.

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