The 99 Percent – USA

Source: Journeyman

The Occupy movement has become the largest global social movement in recent history and shows no sign of slowing down. But do the protests really have the potential to alter the course of world politics?

They call themselves the “99 percent” and whether in Frankfurt, Athens or New York, the tactics and demands are the same everywhere. Using social media to coordinate efforts around the globe, the Occupy movement has sought to follow in the footsteps of the Arab Spring, replacing the Mubaraks and the Assads with the IMF and ECB. “What has been identified in Tunisia and Egypt is that history can be made from the bottom again”, says Hagen Kopp, a German demonstrator. Despite its success many remain sceptical, and criticise the methods of the movement. “The ’68 generation had a clear goal. The people going into the streets should think first about what they want”, says a young German investor. As the protests continues to develop and spawn further sub-movements, what’s next for outraged citizens of the global economic crisis?

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