Interim Country – Kyrgyzstan

Source: Journeyman

Despite being hailed as a model of post-Soviet reconstruction, Kyrgyzstan made international headlines in 2010 after the toppling of authoritarian President Bakiyev plunged this once peaceful country into chaos.

Just five years ago, Kyrgyzstan’s Tulip Revolution was praised as a peaceful readjustment of a post-Soviet state. But the revolution was soon betrayed and Kyrgyzstan descended into authoritarianism under president Kurmanbek Bakiyev. This film chronicles the popular revolt that led to the toppling of Bakiyev in April 2010 and the chaos and interethnic violence that ensued. Since 2010 the lack of power and legitimacy of the interim government has prevented the country from stabilising. As tensions continue to rise and the economy deteriorates, journalists like Gulzat Egemberdieva ask if the dream of becoming the “Switzerland of Central Asia” will ever be realised.

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