Fukushima effect? Radiation traces in baby food

Source: Times of India

TOKYO: Japan’s Meiji Holdings said on Tuesday that radioactive cesium was found in infant milk powder made by the food and dairy firm, in the latest food scare to grip the country.

Shares of Meiji plunged nearly 10% to their lowest close since May 2009 following the news. Meiji said it was recalling 400,000 cans of the infant formula, which is sold only in Japan.

Worries over the safety of food supplies have shaken the public. Cases of excessive radiation in vegetables, tea, milk, seafood and water have stoked anxiety despite assurance from public officials that the levels detected are not dangerous.

Meiji said it is unsure exactly how the cesium got into the powdered milk, but it suspects radioactive substances emitted from the Fukushima accident may have been the source.

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