How to Rewrite History

Source: Farm Wars

To rewrite history, one begins by eliminating generational knowledge. One way this is accomplished is through economics and social engineering, which combine to force people to struggle to simply survive, isolating individuals so that they are alone, desperate and vulnerable. Families working together as cohesive units are anathema to what appears to be a concerted effort to destroy what we have and rewrite our very existence. But what can we do? How can we reverse this trend and bring history back into focus, denying the falsehood that is being thrust upon us by those who choose world dominance over humanity?

Generational knowledge is passed from one person to another. From one generation to another. It comes from a father teaching a child how to plant seeds and help them grow. It comes from a mother baking bread every day and teaching her daughter or son how to do the same thing – when to put the ingredients in, how long to wait before kneading, how to get the crust soft after baking, and all the things that you just cannot learn from a book. Generational knowledge!

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