The Philosophy of Constructive & Destructive Health

Simple laws exist in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Nature has its own simple laws as well. Should we decide to follow these laws, we can expect to produce constructive forces that are constructive to the human health and offer disease-free lives. Should we decide not to follow these laws, we can expect to induce destructive forces that are destructive to the quality of human health. This article looks at the causes of disease, why naturopathy is the great option for experiencing a good quality of health.

The cause of disease is a constant violation of nature’s law. This violation of the nature’s laws produces an abnormal or inharmonious vibration within the body which produces dangerous surroundings. According to a naturopathic point of view, disease germs are as normal as any other element found in the body. It states that it is not the bacteria that primarily causes the disease but the product of pathogenic conditions which provide the bacteria a place to plant itself and breed. This breeding and multiplication of bacteria together with lack of cleansing and purifying of the accumulated waste from body, lowered vitality and abnormal composition of blood and lymph is what causes disease. (Lindlahr, 2005, pg 19)

This view stipulates that there exist two types of diseases: acute and chronic. The cause of both is the accumulated waste in the body. However, an acute disease occurs when the body wants to clean itself of this waste, and the vitality of the body is high enough for the natural process to repair the damaged body tissues. A chronic disease occurs when the vitality of the body is low and the destruction of vital organs and tissues has passes a certain point that the natural healing process in the body are not able to react against the disease and heal the body. In both cases the real cause is violation of the nature’s laws.

Naturopathy produces favourable results due to the fact that it follows nature’s laws that activate the constructive principles. This means returning to the nature’s way and controlling eating, drinking, working, bathing, resting, dressing, thinking, and carrying out sexual activities in accordance with the natural ways. This includes using water, air, light, earth, magnetism, electricity, herbs, homeopathy, relaxation, meditation, prayer, positive suggestion as natural remedies. In case of accidents, exercise and gymnastics, and other natural corrective methods can be used.  (Lindlahr, 2005, pg  22)

This philosophy clearly understands that the human mechanism is an intelligent and equipped unit to fight disease, once it is provided with the correct conditions, and allowed to do its job. The body does everything in its power to promote health, to build up the vital force and to eliminate waste. Naturopathy establishes the correct conditions by forming natural lifestyle in accordance with nature, economising vital forces, building up and supplying the blood on a regular basis with the correct nutrients or components. It understands that acute diseases are part of a normal cleansing process and therefore allows the acute process to take place in order to eliminate waste material without damaging the other human tissues or organ.  This is vital as no morbid soil is left behind for the bacteria to plant itself and to produce further complications. Naturopathy also promotes the individual to take full responsibility in one’s health via studying the nature’s laws, personal effort and self help.  (Lindlahr, 2005, pg 21).


Lindlahr, H. (2005). Philosophy of natural therapeutics, the classic nature cure guide to health and healing. London, UK: Random House UK Ltd.

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