Aloe extract may ease constipation

Image: Robert Mijas

New research shows that a species of aloe can help treat constipation. In tests on rats, scientists compared the effects of combat constipation bitter Aloe to senokot (a standard laxative drug). The results revealed that bitter aloe is similar to senokot in terms of their ability to increase the volume of stool, normalize the body weight and improve intestinal motility (the movement of food through the intestinal tract).

In previous research, other species of aloe found to calm sunburn (when applied to the skin) and alleviate ulcerative colitis (when taken orally in the form of a gel).

Looking for natural relief of constipation, other science-based remedies include flaxseed, Sevilla and shiny sagrada. Increase intake of foods rich in fiber (such as whole grains, Bran, wheat, fruits and vegetables) also may help relieve constipation.

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