Almost Human? GMO Brown Rice Contains Blood Protein

Source: Organic Authority

Human serum albumin—a blood protein—has been added to genetically modified brown rice by researchers in a new study conducted at the Yang He and Daichang Yang at Wuhan University in China, and published in the recent issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Recombinant HSA proteins were introduced into the brown rice using Agrobacterium (a Gram-negative bacteria known for its ability to transfer DNA to other cells and plants) and wound up with nine plant species that could breed the GMO rice containing the blood protein. Test subjects with liver damage showed improved results after being fed the rice, confirming that the HSA was effectively present and capable of being extracted in “an efficient manner,” resulting in nearly half of the plant’s protein creating 2.75 grams of HSA from one kilogram of rice.

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