Cancer – Political Prevention Plan

In addition to the article for the cancer personal prevention plan, a political involvement prevention program is important and should include:

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  • Getting involved in public interest groups and political pressure state groups that force improved regulations of environment and occupational carcinogens. Get in touch with any of these groups and ask how you can contribute.
  • Aiming to organize a national coalition, which includes many different groups in order to have any reasonable impact on the prevention of disease, which does not exist in the current health system.  Try contacting senior groups for their support, as they are directly affected.
  • Encouraging unions to fight for tighter standards in Safety and Health areas. This can be achieved through educating yourself about the existing safety and health problems and communicating these to your unions, seeking their or other health and safety organizations help and support.
  • Encouraging your local media or newspaper editors to cover environmental and safety events and issues.
  • Finding the position and opinion of your local state representative or congressional representative on environmental issues, demonstrating your interests and expecting some cancer prevention actions.
  • In the case of doctors, dentists, lawyers and other professionals getting actively involved with public groups, and assisting in any expert and legal issues.
  • Supporting regulating agencies, criticizing irresponsible officials, and pressuring voluntary health agencies to develop high-quality preventive programs.

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