The sinister forces behind that threat to banish school skirts

Source: Daily Mail

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Back in the Eighties, a string of Labour-run town halls were notorious for their extremism, mismanagement and financial extravagance.

Justly known as the ‘Loony Left,’ these authorities were epitomised by Ken Livingstone’s spendthrift and dogmatic regime at the Greater London Council. Their excesses were supposed to have ended with the rise of New Labour.

But, as Gerry Adams once famously said of the IRA, the ideological extremists ‘never went away’. They merely transferred their activities from the urban municipalities to the heart of government.

Thanks to the 13 years of Labour rule, lunatic Leftism now has more influence than ever. Its politically correct zealotry flourishes throughout the public sector and the quangos.

Its fixations with race and gender are written into law. Its obsession with social engineering is transforming the fabric of Britain, destroying traditional, unifying bonds such as family life and nationhood.

The fanaticism of the Left was recently exposed in guidance issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for public bodies on how to treat transgender people, including transvestites and those undergoing a change of sex.

In one startling passage in this 68-page document, the Commission warned it may be illegal for any school to require girls to wear skirts as part of their uniform, since this could discriminate against transsexual pupils.

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