Aspartame – Sweet Misery

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in over 6000 products, and has been marketed as NutraSweet, Equal Spoonful, Benevia, NatraTaste. The food industry claims that aspartame helps in losing weight, however it is also host of many health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and brain diseases.

“Aspartame is a toxin, and is unique in this hazardous respect ….” – Arthur Evangelista (Former FDA Investigator)

Aspartame is broken into three toxic components:

  1. Methanol – breaks down into formaldehyde, which is a toxic.
  2. Phenylalanine – decreases the amount serotonin in your brain, and causes mood swings and increases appetite
  3. Aspartic acid – a neurological toxin similar to MSG.

Aspartame is found in the following products: Sugarfree, Light, Diet, Zero (Coke, Sprite & Fanta), Pepsi Max, No Sugar Added, Smint, Stimorol Ice, Stimorol Fusion, Freedent, Mentos, Sportlife, some baking and cake products and more.

Sweet Misery Video

Duration: 90 min

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