Where Can Bullying Occur?

Cyber BulliedBullying can occur in many different places, although most people think it happens only at school and between children. Bullying can happen between adults as well and between children in other places besides school. Knowing where bullying can occur is a good way to help prevent it. No matter if you have a child or are experiencing bullying yourself, you should be aware of the places it can occur.

Bullying can occur at school, and this is the most common place. Children will bully each other for many different reasons including insecurity and even if they are popular. Schools usually take bullying seriously but it can be hard to tell if children are being bullied because they are often reluctant to talk about it. Physical bullying is common among young boys and young girls tend to say mean things and spread rumors to bully others. Bullying in school has been a problem for a long time and can have serious consequences of not dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Bullying can occur in other places where children interact. The school bus and around the neighborhood where children play are common sites of bullying. Children will use any opportunity they can to bully others and these places offer the greatest chances of being able to interact. Bullying can also occur at home with siblings bullying each other, and even parents bullying their own kids. Bullies like to act out in private so places where kids can be alone are the biggest places bullying can occur.

Children are not the only ones who bully each other. Adults can be bullies too and bullying can occur in the workplace. Adults will treat co workers poorly in a variety of ways to lessen their value and sabotage their work. Adults will constantly criticize their victims even if it is unwarranted, belittle their accomplishments, and file false grievances and accusations. Adults sometimes bully because they perceive another person as a threat to their job and want to make them look bad instead of improving their own work. Adults can also bully others simply because they don’t like them or because others do so.

The computer and mobile devices have opened a completely new way for bullies to torment others. Bullying can occur online through emails, IM’s, on websites, and through phone calls and text messages. This type of bullying is called cyber bullying and is becoming increasingly common. Adult bullying can occur in the workplace using these methods as well as other written messages. Both children and adults will say mean things to try to embarrass or torment their victim online. Cyber bullying is particularly effective because bullies can reach a huge audience.

There are many places bullying can occur and being able to identify bullying is the best way to stop it. Just because problems are not occurring between children or at school, does not mean what is going on is not bullying. If a person is being unfairly targeted by another person relentlessly in the attempt to dehumanize, humiliate, belittle, hurt, or otherwise harm a person, chances are that it is bullying.

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