Are You a Control Freak? 5 Signs You Need to Let Go

Source: Yahoo

Are you a control freak? You know, someone who needs to constantly have their finger on the pulse, has a freak out when things aren’t done your way, or when things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to you get irritated, frustrated and wallow in bouts of self-pity? If so, letting go will help you live a much calmer life, with a state of inner peace at your finger tips instead of everyone else’s action lists.

Being “in control” is one of those sneaky habits that deceive you about its value. It promises to help you get better results, be happier and have what you want but all that it really does is keep you emotionally wound up in everything in your life. Sure sometimes controlling behaviour works to land that deal, or get a big “Yeehah” and “well-done” but in the midst you slowly drive yourself crazy and into burnout, health issues and neglected relationships.

One of the reasons we struggle to let go is that we fear failure. We want so much for everything we touch to turn to gold, that we don’t want to take any risks, in case something falls apart. We get stuck doing what we have always done because we know the result. We hold on even though it’s keeping us at the same level or killing us in the process.

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