What and When You Eat Can Produce Vitality or Disease

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(RobertMijas.com) This article looks at how food can produce vitality or disease according to the natural therapeutics and natural hygiene. Let us look at how disease is formed according to natural therapeutics. A disease is formed when a disease cell implants itself in a toxic soil. Toxic soil is an accumulation of toxins that has not been eliminated by the body. The body has its own process to eliminate toxins, it is called the elimination cycle and occurs upon waking up until the middle of the day, approximately from 4am to 12 noon. In order for the toxins or the toxic soil to be eliminated, it is vital that we allow for the elimination cycle to occur by not interrupting it. The way we interrupt the elimination cycle is by eating food other than fruit or fruit juice. Organic Fruit is a perfect food to eat during the elimination cycle, as when eaten on an empty stomach, it does not use the body’s energy resources for digestion. Efficient elimination cycle plays an important role in disease prevention, and assists in maintaining high vitality within the body.

Food combination is also important to allow the body to eliminate toxins and for proper assimilation to occur. Some of us eat in a way that forces our digestion to take place longer than it should due to a bad combination. Food should stay in the stomach for up to maximum of 4 hours and then move into the intestines for assimilation. When food stays in the stomach for too long it rots and becomes toxic. Experts in food combining state that protein should never be eaten with carbohydrates, and fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach.

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It is also important to know that if your diet has little water-based food in it, the food will stay longer in the stomach. According to Cousens (2000) and natural hygiene, your diet should ideally be made up of at least 70% water-based food. Water based or bioactive foods are life sustaining,  they include fresh organic fruits and vegetables. However, these foods are not as powerful as biogenic food. Biogenic food has the highest life force, and are life renewing, as they contain the germ with the reproductive power for the perpetuation of the species. These are: germinated cereal seeds, nuts, grasses and sprouted baby greens. If your goal is vitality and longevity, your diet should eventually consist of about 30-40% of biogenic foods.

A special mention about white bread in your diet. White bread contains white flour which causes fermentation and formation of lumps in the intestines, constipation and appendicitis, and a possible intestinal tract blockage (Lindlahr, pg 90). In addition, wheat used to make white flour contains a protein molecule called gluten, which has been associated with various immune-mediated diseases.

Any deviation from natural laws of the nature and the body will experience toxin and toxic soil accumulation, lowered vitality and a weaker the immune system.


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