UN Ambush: India vs. Monsanto

Source: MorphCity

Dear Indian Farmers:

I am writing to you because your government is trying to fool you.   It was announced that India is suing Monsanto for ‘biopiracy’.  They want you to believe that their legal action will stop Monsanto, but it is a trick by your government and the United Nations.  The Environment Support Group (ESG) who initiated the action has close ties to the United Nations- be careful of who you trust.

This case is about Bt Brinjal, a genetically engineered form of eggplant.  Because of your massive outrage over its introduction into the market last year, the Minister of Environment was forced to temporarily ban it from commercial cultivation until the safety issues are resolved.  Bt Brinjal is dangerous.  It was shown to cause liver damage, immune suppression and reproductive disorders when studied in rats.

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