If it smells like a rat…

Source: Ground Truth

There’s good news and bad news on the pesticide front this week. Let’s take the good news first: A sting operation in New York City got 6,000+ packages of dangerous, illegal rat poisonoff shop shelves. Hats off to the public servants who got this done!

The bad news comes in two parts: First, the fact that products like this can slip through the cracks of our pesticide control system is downright frightening. And second, industry lawyers are busily weakening one of the few tools EPA officials have to quickly pull pesticide products from the market when they’re found to be harmful. Really guys?

A few details on the New York City case. These products, apparently smuggled in from China, were in bright, colorful packages featuring a cuddly looking cat. They looked and smelled like cookies, and contained a potentially lethal pesticide at levels 61 times what’s allowed by law.

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