Concerns over Falls road fill radiation

Source: WIVB

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) – Tip calls and e-mails to our newsroom spawned a probe into contaminated soil in Niagara County.

Now, a state lawmaker is calling for an investigation, and one expert in radioactive waste management is expressing concern. The controversy involves radioactive road fill in Niagara Falls and there are still lots of questions.

Contractor David Pfeiffer, who owns Man O’ Trees Contracting, dropped a bombshell on the reconstruction of Lewiston Road in Niagara Falls.

“The truth is there is a health hazard on that project and it’s not being properly cleaned up,” said Pfeiffer.

He tells News 4 that he’s learned that radiation levels, in some spots, are 10 times higher than the normal background levels for that area.

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