Spring Hill to drop fluoride

Source: The Tennesean

Rather than wait for new federal guidelines, city leaders have opted to quit adding fluoride to city water altogether.

The Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted unanimously Monday for the change, which was requested by Alderman Amy Wurth.

Only one person at the meeting asked the board to continue the practice: Dr. Dennis Gardner, who urged Spring Hill not to “unravel” the advances that fluoridated water have made in preventing tooth decay since community water fluoridation began in 1945.

The change, which is expected by Nov. 1, would save the city $21,264 a year for the raw sodium fluoride. Gardner said dentists estimate that for every $1 spent on fluoridating public water, $38 is saved in dental treatment costs.

“If you could see what I see every day, you’d have no trouble believing that,” he said.

But aldermen sided more with concerns that sodium fluoride as a supplement is not equally tolerated among the people consuming it in drinking water, especially children.

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