Your Vision and the Emotional Imbalance

A holistic approach to health emphasizes the whole being and looks at how each part affects the whole. It attempts to bring harmony and balance to the entire structure via paying attention to the specific parts and any correlations between the body. Symptoms are analyzed to identify the existing problem that is affecting the parts and then treats the whole-being in mind rather than treating only the parts that exhibit the symptoms.

A healthy vision is a sign of a balanced inner state. Robert-Michael Kaplan, in his book The Power Behind Your Eyes states that:

A good vision is more than the ability to see 20/20 on an eye chart. Any vision problem is a message alerting us to an unbalanced inner state.

Eyeglasses, medications, and the latest laser surgery may correct impaired vision but the underlying inner emotional imbalance is overlooked. A holistic therapy approach should consists of identifying the causes of vision problems and developing natural, noninvasive plans for treatment.  This should consist of easy-to-follow exercises, diets, changes in mental focus and lifestyle.

According to Kaplan (1997), eye problems are manifestations of unresolved emotional issues and the lack of inclusion of your soul in your life. Nearsightedness (myopia) is related to being afraid to handle what life offers us and therefore preferring to mentally focus inwards. Farsightedness (hyperopia) is related to not being able to deal with close-up aspects of one life, unresolved anger, issues of intimacy, relationships, family and career.

Glaucoma is related to the mental build up in one’s life and macular degeneration is related to a loss of focus on the central part of life, and a loss of a loved one. Eye crossing is when life is too much for you and you feel overwhelmed.

In addition to proposing an Integrated Vision Therapy, Kaplan encourages the clarity of vision, which is only achieved by “looking through the heart” using empathy. He stipulates that we must see our life through our eyes and heart and not only the logical mind, as this will allow us to trust ourselves and give life a different perspective. This principle is very much related to the ancient Toltec wisdom.


Kaplan, R.M. (1995). The Power Behind Your Eyes: Improving Your Eyesight with Integrated Vision Therapy. Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press.

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