Could food-packaging chemical rob men of their sex appeal?

Source: Daily Mail

Nuby Non-drip Bottle 3 PackA gender-bending chemical found in food packaging may reduce a man’s ability to attract a female, researchers warn.

A study from the University of Missouri found male mice who were exposed to bisphenol A as babies became demasculanised and ‘behaved more like females.’

Study author associate professor Cheryl Rosenfeld, said the chemical had suppressed the early production of testosterone, which the females could sense.

‘The BPA-exposed deer mice in our study look normal; there is nothing obviously wrong with them. Yet, they are clearly different,’ she said.

‘Females do not want to mate with BPA-exposed male deer mice, and BPA-exposed males perform worse on spatial navigation tasks that assess their ability to find female partners in the wild. ‘

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