Color Therapy & Chakras

The objective of this article is to look at the significance of the chakras and how color healing impacts the chakras. When color is absorbed through the eyes, it impacts the pineal gland which then sends different hormones that stimulate the nervous and endocrine systems within the body. (Liberman, 1991: 21-33)

The word chakra has a meaning of a “wheel” in Sanskrit. These wheels are spinning and are associated with vibrant colors which are emitted or absorbed. Chakras are information or energy centers in the body that are believed to be influenced by the thoughts. Even though we have many chakras in our bodies, the main seven are between the base of the spine and the head, each being associated with a hormonal gland.

These main seven chakras largely relate to the seven colors of the spectrum, from red in the first chakra to violet in the seventh chakra. The chakras push life energy through the body and constantly radiate and receive energy themselves. Chakras also continually send us information about the state of our physiology and are associated with the thoughts and issues in our everyday lives. These include emotions, lifestyle, relationships, career and so on. To remain healthy, optimistic, loving and balanced in all aspects, these chakras need to stay open and spin freely. In a balanced state they will produce vibrant colors. Conversely, negative thoughts, negativity, jealousy and envy will block the chakras, the color will darken and dis-ease will be produced.

The First Chakra – Tribe

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This is found at the base of the spine. This chakra does not have hormonal glands but an important neurochemical GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid) functions in this chakra. The first chakra spins at a frequency of 7.8Hz, emits a rich red color and is associated with the musical note G (Klotsche, 1992: 38). It feeds our legs and feet and is associated with the survival instincts for our physical security e.g. shelter, food and other basic human needs. It produces fears related to physical survival, group abandonment and loss of physical order (Myss and Shealy, 2000: 29) that manifest as rectal tumors, depression, immune disorders, and varicose veins.

The Second Chakra – Partnership

This is located in the abdomen eight to ten centimetres below the solar plexus. This chakra is associated with the gonads for men and ovaries for women. It contains the nerve supply to the pelvis, spins at a frequency of 15.6 Hz that is associated with the musical note A (Klotsche, 1992: 39) and emits a bright orange color. It is related to our physical desires, emotions, personal identity, physical pleasures such as sex, food and adventure, creativity, and honoring one another. It produces fears such as loss of self control, being controlled and loss of physical power that manifest as fluctuation in weight and sexual potency, prostate and blabber problems, pelvic and lower back pain. (Myss & Shealy, 2000: 32).

The Third Chakra – Self Esteem or Ego

This chakra is located just above the navel or upper abdominal and is associated with the adrenal gland and pancreas. The production of the adrenaline and DHEA, digestion, the control of upper abdominal organs, and the production of enzymes occur in this region. It spins at a frequency of 22.4 Hz which is the musical note A sharp (Klotsche, 1992: 38) and emits a vivid yellow color. It is related to our personal power relative to the outside world, personality and ego.  It produces fears associated with “I have too much responsibility”, and “I’m a loser or no good” that manifest as stomach ulcers, diabetes, indigestion, hepatitis and colon problems (Myss & Shealy, 2000: 35).

The Fourth Chakra – Love

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This chakra is located where the heart is and includes the thymus gland which regulates the immune function. This chakra is related to love of all kinds and relationships. It spins at a frequency of 30.2 Hz which represents the musical note C (Klotsche, 1992: 39) and color emerald green. Thoughts and feelings concerning our relationships with others affect it; this includes lovers, friends, family, employers, employees and teachers. It produces fear related to “No one loves me! that manifests as all heart diseases, asthma, lung and breast cancer and pneumonia. (Myss & Shealy, 2000: 37).

The Fifth Chakra – Will

This is located just in front of the Adam’s apple, and includes the thyroid and parathyroid glands. This chakra is related to communication, faith, honesty to the self as well as to others, creativity associated with music, writing and arts. It spins at a frequency of 38 Hz which represents the musical note D (Klotsche, 1992: 39) and the color turquoise blue.  It produces fears related to a lack of authority or power of choice that can manifest as over or under active thyroid, tooth problems, cancer of the larynx and voice problems (Myss & Shealy, 2000: 40).

The Sixth Chakra – Wisdom or Intuition

This chakra is located between the eyes and known as the ‘third eye’. It includes the pituitary and pineal glands and is related to everything you think, feel and do, in the present, the future and the past, including past lives. It also relates to beliefs about the spirit world. It spins at a frequency of 46.8Hz which represents the musical note D sharp (Klotsche, 1992: 39), the color indigo (blue and purple) and is turned inwards, looking at the inner self. (Myss & Shealy, 2000: 42)

The Seventh Chakra – Spiritual Connectedness

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This chakra is just inside the top of the head. It is the centre for receiving information and ideas from the unconscious mind, and is related to our connection to the divine and also to being able to live in the present. It spins at a frequency of 54.6 Hz, which represents the musical note E (Klotsche, 1992: 40), and the color violet. It produces fears related to loss of meaning, lack of purpose, and to no life after death. (Myss & Shealy, 2000: 44)

Color Healing and the Chakras

Color healing is based on using color and light to treat disease. Every cell in the body needs light energy, as the color enters the physical body, through the eyes, the pineal gland and the electromagnetic field it influence the structure of the cells, producing different hormones within the endocrine system.

Any blockages in the body or chakras can be balanced using the following colors (Klotsche, 1992: 41):

  • First chakra – Red
  • Second Chakra – Orange
  • Third Chakra – Yellow
  • Forth Chakra – Green
  • Fifth Chakra – Blue
  • Sixth Chakra – Indigo
  • Seventh Chakra – Violet


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