Inner Wellness – Ten Ways to Staying Well

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Inner wellness is a state of total acceptance and satisfaction with ourselves, and the opposite of illness or dis-ease. Symptoms of inner wellness are that we love ourselves and others, enjoy each moment, experience a loss in judging, conflict, and interpreting the actions of others.

According to Carl Jung, “the self” creates individuals with unique personalities through a plan for our complete biological development. Although some individuals might have similar behavioral patterns, the personality blueprints are always unique and different. When we separate from our unique personality blueprint, an illness or dis-ease indicates to us to get back on track.

The ten (10) steps to staying well are:

  1. Do activities that bring you a sense of joy, fulfillment and purpose. You must see yourself as the creator of your life and always make sure that it is always positive.
  2. Take care of yourself, listen to your body on all levels, and be supporting and encouraging.
  3. Always release all negative emotions, never hold onto them. Forgive yourself.
  4. Imagine the things that you truly want, and hold these images in your mind, Always focus on peace of mind and joy.
  5. Make loving yourself and others your primary expression in your life.
  6. Create honest, loving and fun relationships that allow for intimacy and security. Heal wounds from any past relationships.
  7. Make a positive contribution to your community. Remember the secret of living is giving.
  8. Commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle by developing a healing program for your health and well being. Ask for support from experts if necessary.
  9. Accept yourself and see everything as an opportunity to grow and to learn. Be grateful and do not criticize yourself or others too much.
  10. Keep laughing at life, the best medicine is laughter, it has been proven that laughter reduces stress and worry.

An altered state is when we shift from our normal left-brain thinking and enter into the world of images and imagination, or right-brain thinking. During right-brain thinking we find ourselves into a trance  that allows us to completely focus on the present moment,  and enjoy the unconscious part of ourselves. Methods for achieving altered states are relaxation, visualization, meditation and yoga.

The way altered states help our inner wellness is that these states produce an inner balance where the heart rate, metabolism, respiration and oxygen consumption slows down, this creates a peace of mind, strengthens the immune system and lowers blood pressure.

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