Narcissism and Low Self Esteem

Source: Self Esteem Blog

Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Eye of the HolderNarcissism or what many recognize colloquially as someone with a “big ego” is, in my view, a poorly understood phenomenon. Although it is both hated and at times revered it’s presence in an individual severely incapacitates them in many areas of their life. Unfortunately such individuals are difficult to help because one of the main aspects of their state involves the impenetrable defense of denial. Denial of what you ask?

In order to understand this denial it is useful to first look at the nature of the narcissistic state in the first place. This is generally characterized by attempts at self aggrandizement that are blatant to all but the individual themselves. The need for self aggrandizement, or to “prop up one’s ego” is largely an effort to support what is felt to be a fragile ego. This fragility also equates to feelings of extremely low self esteem and poor self image.

In other words, the narcissistic individual presents to others and attempts to “prop up” a self image that is exaggerated yet weak. Interestingly, others are often seduced into believing that the individual in question is indeed very impressive, confident and ironically the embodiment of success when the case is much the reverse. Unfortunately this seduction has led many such individuals into places of power and authority to the detriment of those around them.

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