All Jacked Up: Hungry for the Truth?

Source: WebSeed

How jacked up do our kids have to get before they notice what’s really going on?

All Jacked Up is an angst-driven portrait of four teenagers who discover the truth about their obsessive and addictive eating habits fueled by their emotions. All this brought on by their parents, schools, and an abusive food system that profits from them with no regard to their well-being.

Melissa, Raquel, Michael, and Danny are typical teens with mainstream lifestyles and eating habits. With the help of a curious narrator, they discover what lies beneath their exploitation and how to confront it. The emotional and physical conditions of teens are examined by noted experts as the film uncovers an apparent conspiracy that works against the health of an entire generation.

The filmmakers make a direct connection between what teens eat and their behavior and emotions. This frank and witty look at what’s really going on inside the bodies, hearts and minds of the teen generation is a wake up call for them to stand up and demand change.

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