A Herbal Formula for Constipation

(RobertMijas.com) Constipation is an intestinal sluggishness that produces an inefficient bowel movement. Two causes are: hypothyroidism and obstruction of the intestinal tract; poor diet due to lack of bulk producing foods and failure to respond to reflex feeling for evacuation.

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Remedy formula for constipation contains:

  • Butternut root bark(Juglans cinera) – increases bile secretion which increases the activity of glands in the intestinal tract.
  • Cascara sagrada (rhamnus purshiana) – contains anthraquinone or A factors that act on the large intestine and are hydrolyzed by colonic micro flora. Without affecting the small intestine, it produces vigorous peristalsis in the large intestine. Produce a soft stool in 6-8 hours. Cascara produces no discomfort, is not habit forming, and does not lose efficiency with multiple usage.
  • Rhubarb (rheum palmatum) – mild laxative (good for kids) and it produces a soft stool in 6-10 hours. Should not be used by itself when the colon is evacuated as it may produce a feeling of constipation. Avoid extended use as it may produce potassium deficiency.
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