Is the Cellphone Killing the Honeybee?

Jeff Bertolucci
PC World

Honey Bee MacroPity the poor honeybee. Since 2003, bee colonies around the globe have declining at an alarming rate. And since bees play a vital role in agricultural production, that’s bad news for us humans. Scientists suspect many factors may be responsible, including pesticides, viruses, the varroa mite, genetically modified crops, and even exceptionally cold winters. Now we can add cellphones to the list of possible culprits.

A study by Swiss researcher Daniel Favre shows that mobile phone-generated electromagnetic fields may contribute to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a condition that causes worker bees to desert the hive. In most cases, the queen bee is left with eggs, immature bees, and a lot of honey. The colony survives for a short time, but soon dies out without its workers.

“Recent efforts have been made to study another potential cause responsible for bee losses: manmade electromagnetic fields,” Favre writes. And while the results obtained to date have been “highly controversial,” they suggest a connection between the growing use of cellphones and a declining bee population.

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