Legalising assisted suicide ‘would lead to death on prescription

Steve Doughty
Daily Mail

The sick and disabled will be able to buy suicide drugs at the chemist if the law is changed to allow assisted dying, two of the country’s most eminent legal and medical experts claim.

Any such law will open the way for pharmacists and nurses to prescribe drugs to help their patients kill themselves, warned Lord Carlile and Baroness Finlay.

They also said liberalising euthanasia laws will open the way for the establishment of state agencies to assess whether or not sick citizens should be helped  to die.

The caution over assisted dying was sounded in a report prepared for the  pressure group Living And Dying Well, set up last year to canvass debate over the risks of assisted dying. 

It said that assisted suicide rules currently being promoted by campaigners would lead to ‘doctor-shopping’, where those wanting to die and families trying to persuade them to do so would go from GP to GP looking for one prepared to help.

And the report found that if doctors were given the right to provide legal drugs to help a patient die, such powers would also apply to others.

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