PMS and Cramps Help: The Alternative Answer

Cathy Margolin
Huffington Post

When the heating pad is not enough and you’re fed up with swallowing the naproxen, aspirin or ibuprofen, and you can’t handle their side effects, you just might be ready for natural PMS herbal alternatives. Here is a different approach to menstrual cramps and PMS. Traditional Chinese Medicine hasn’t been the accepted answer. We’ve always been “plugged-into” the Western approach. It’s time to get UNPLUGGED!

Herbs have been around longer than mankind. Through the ages every culture has discovered the healing properties nature provides; this has been a universal phenomenon. The Chinese began embracing natural botanicals and documenting their medicinal value circa 300 BC. The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Cannon was one of the first ancient Chinese medical texts from this era and the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica Classic) was the first to index 365 medicinal plants and compiled circa 100 AD. Some 2,000 years later, these same medicinal plants are still in use and have been extensively studied and dissected by Western science looking for keys to how they work.

When I first began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) I was in awe of all the possibilities herbal formulas offered. When I discovered an herb blend or “formula” written in 1113 AD to help menstrual cramps, PMS and irritability, I only wished I had seen it sooner. As both men and women know all too well, it’s not only the physical symptoms of a woman’s menstrual cycle but the emotional and psychological swings as well. Chinese herbs have been proven to help these mood swings and without the side effects of prescription drugs.

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