Depression & Women’s Health

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We read various reports from around the world of the many people that suffer depression, because of overwhelming stress. With many issues going on in our lives it is no wonder that depression is common. Statistics has proven that depression links to increased heart attacks and heart disease. Researchers have not proved that depression is the cause of heart disease, but they do feel it is a contribution. Depression is also the root for suicidal increase. Yet the fatal mistake that doctors make is over medicating the patient. Medications not only suppress the problem, but they contribute to medical issues with the real problem still being there unresolved.

Past studies revealed that research coupled with insight helps scientists understand depression. They concluded in one study that depression is possibly linked to existing heart diseases, with premature deaths related to heart disease caused by premature changes in women. Postmenopausal issues were said to be linked.

It was shown that antidepressant drugs might cause more harm to patients. Observers claimed that women were at higher risk of heart attacks while inducing antidepressants. The Archives of Internal Medicines after conducting surveys claimed that more than 90,000 women over the age of fifty and out of 16 percent suffered major depression, and high percentage were taking antidepressants.

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Studies found that postmenopausal women suffered depression and because of taking antidepressants over half the women were at risk of death related to heart diseases. It was also concluded that the percentage of women at risk would also be subject to fractured bones, and that more than 8,000 women over 65 were prescribed medications and the medicines had affected the central nervous system. It was deduced that after taking prescribed drugs for five years the women were noticeably showing risks of fracturing bones and those that did not take the drugs lived healthier lives.

More studies have shown that depression was linked to a spine misalignment or injury via stress. If that is your situation visit your Chiropractor to get your spine back in alignment.

Now you must ask the question, “Are you at risk?” If so, you need to take care and consult with the proper physician. Monitor your issues carefully and avoid prescribed antidepressants, as these have been shown to be linked to physical and psychical symptoms.

In order to reduce depression stay alert of your mental health and avoid floundering, as this contributes to depression. One should exercise, eat healthy, write in journals, and use self-induced analytic profiling and evaluation of self. Get out of the house and socialize. Take up a sport that you may enjoy. Read a good book or write one yourself. Writing is a gift to you, future generations, and a contribution to Freedom of Speech so let the words flow and the depression will eventually go.

According to Richard O’Conner in his book Undoing Depression,

“Creativity is the antithesis of depression. It is a way of saying that what I think and feel matters…Depression is not just an illness, but a failure of creativity. We all face the problem of creating meaning in our lives. When we are depressed, we’ve lost hope for meaning. We all need to make a deliberate effort to make the self fertile; for the depressive, that effort is essential to life.”

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