Nevada Bill to Make Unlicensed Practitioners into Felons

Source: NHF

Herbal supplementsThe Bill – Nevada Senate Bill 412 (SB 412) provides for the regulation of the practice of complementary integrative medicine by creating a government-sanctioned Board of Complementary and Integrative Medicines to control all natural health care, backed by the power of the State to imprison and fine all offenders.  Just imagine when, as with other such medical boards, the power seekers and control freaks who naturally gravitate to positions of power in government come to have the say over what type of natural medicine may be practiced and what type may not.  Will your favorite form of natural medicine survive?  Or will it be branded a heresy and persecuted?  It does not take a rocket scientist to see that this Bill is the road to ruin for all of those creative natural health practitioners who refuse to conform.  This Board is just a not-so-clever attempt to create and enforce a monopoly that will end up strangling CAM practice.

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