Our Polluted World

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pollution!Have you ever wondered how contaminated you are by your environment? We live in an increasingly polluted world, with our immediate environment contaminated by a range of elements that includes airborne pollutants, hazardous chemicals and an agricultural system that is heavily dependent on the use of fertilisers. ntpages spoke to Ian Tracton from InterClinical Laboratories who have developed a range of personal test kits suitable for personal use in the home including one for heavy metals, free radicals and a hair tissue mineral analysis test kit.

Where am I exposed to heavy metals?

“Heavy metals are all around is in our cars, cosmetics, medication and even drinking water. Other common sources include tobacco and exhaust smoke as well as fertilisers.”

What is so bad about them?

“Some heavy metals are needed for health body function, but when they exceed normal levels they can become toxic. In the worse case scenario heavy metals can poison us with potentially serious consequences such as learning difficulties in children and birth defects in newborns. Lower level exposure to any toxin can cause anything from skin irritations to liver damage as well as hormonal and metabolic imbalances.”

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