Japan establishes radiation safety standards for seafood, which didn’t exist before

Source: NYDailyNews

Vietnam, Nha TrangThe Japanese government has created its first radiation safety standard for seafood in response to toxic water spilling into the ocean from a damaged nuclear plant.

“We will conduct strict monitoring and move forward after we understand the complete situation,” said government spokesman Yukio Edano.

Samples of water taken from around the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi facility has tested as high as 7.5 million times the legal limit for radioactive iodine, officials said.

But the levels fluctuate wildly, and radiation dissipates quickly in saltwater, leading the plant owner to insist it should have “no immediate impact,” on the environment.

Still, some fish caught Friday off Japan‘s coast would have exceeded the newly set limits, officials say.

“Even if the government says the fish is safe, people won’t want to buy seafood from Fukushima,” said fisherman Ichiro Yamagata. “We probably can’t fish there for several years.”

The announcement came after officials dumped thousands of tons of slightly contaminated water into the sea to help make space to store more toxic run-off.

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