The Secret of Maximum Power

Source: Foundation for Sustainability

The money is not the wealth, but just the agent which COULD generate wealth.

There is actually no such secret, the principles are there, though unseen and unknown for the ones who should know about them. These principles are in full use and have been in use for centuries, but have only been applied to not human systems. Why?, the answer is simple, that you will be able to answer by the end of this text.

Trees are given resources and they do a work. A predictable amount of work is obtained: in sugars, in fruits, in wood, in oxygen, in CO2 and even in secondary lives like bugs, worms, birds; also tertiary products like the silk that comes from a worm eating leaves.

In non live systems, the flow of water through a turbine in a dam, is calculated to produce certain power.

The systems will produce less work from reduction in their power to do that work. Power is by definition, mathematically equal to the work done per unit of time (second, hour, etc).

In the case of the tree, the power reduces with reduction in sun, temperature and water.

For the water turbine, the power reduces with less water or with friction, obstruction of the nozzles, bad maintenance, bad materials, corrosion and sabotage.

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